Training Reviews

Read reviews from our attendees:


The instructor (Dan) was well-prepared and knowledgeable with the content of the course. I appreciate that he helped me solve my computer issues in retrieving the required materials for this course.

"Kept us focused"

Daniel showed experience in keeping a large group on task and focused which, given this was held virtually, could have been more difficult.

"Enjoyed your personal experience"

Great job Dan! I enjoyed your humor and that you shared your personal experiences with us. I am definitely going to use my manual for a resource. One suggestion is perhaps to include some assigned reading of the manual before we start the class. Just a thought. Thanks so much - It was a pleasure to meet you!

"He de-stigmatized mental illness"

Dan was a fantastic presenter and facilitator. I enjoyed his humor and how he destigmatized mental illness by talking about his own journey. He had great energy and was approachable. It was also important that he didn't call people out who weren't actively participating, as many presenters are known to do. As someone who struggles with an anxiety disorder, I felt MORE willing to participate because Dan created a stress-free environment.

"I cannot recommend the Mental Health First Aid enough"

"When I signed up to take the Mental Health First Aid certification with Dan Muxfeld, I knew that every single day there is a chance I could be face-to-face with a mental health crisis, and I wanted to be prepared for when that would happen. What I had no way of knowing was how soon that would be. Upon completing the course, within two weeks I was on a phone call with a close family member when he outright said, "I am depressed". Prior to my training, I might have shrugged it off or said something like, "Aw don't say that, you have too many great things in your life to be depressed." However, immediately upon hearing that statement, I felt prepared and ready to have a supportive and reassuring conversation with him, listen to him without judgment, and work through what the next steps would be. I am sure that this will not be the last time I will rely on my MHFA training, but if it is, it will have been well worth it. Dan could not be a better instructor for this course, and excels in keeping classes interesting, engaging, and on track - even over Zoom, which is quite the feat. I cannot recommend the Mental Health First Aid certification enough, nor can I give higher accolades for Dan's ability to lead registrants through the process."